Yoga with Heather

The practice of Iyengar Yoga unwinds physical knots and mental tensions.

What to Expect in Class

Please come to class with an open mind.

My goal is to create an environment where you can get to know yourself better.  I primarily focus on the physical body, helping you to become more balanced, aligned and quiet.  I incorporate breathing and yoga philosophy into every class.  I hope that you will try to practice at home, even a few poses is good.

You can expect that in class you will work hard, at your own capacity. You will experience greater focus, openness and quiet inside. You can expect that I will work hard and be focused as well, going the distance to ensure your safety and comfort in every pose.

To see what others think of my classes, you can read reviews on Yelp right here.

Wearing comfortable clothes that are not baggy.

Start with a t-shirt and shorts or tights. Shorts or tights are best because I need to be able to clearly see your legs. Wearing layers is good too so that you can stay warm in the resting poses.

With an empty stomach.

It does not feel good to do yoga with a full stomach.  Try not to eat a big meal less than 2 hours before class.  If you do need a snack before class, try something light such as a piece of fruit or a salad.

On time.

I start and end class at the scheduled time.  Come early so that you have time to check in and get settled.

Inform me of your condition and needs.

If you are menstruating, pregnant or sick, I want to know it at the beginning of class.  If you have any major illness or surgeries in your past, I want to know about it at the beginning of class.  My role as a teacher is to get to know you in your uniquenessand to design a class that is specific to your needs. I cannot take care of you if I don’t know what is going on.

Ready to be honest with yourself.

The student-teacher relationship is a sacred, interconnected relationship.  We each must take responsibility for our own actions and bodies.  I promise to work hard in creating a safe environment, and expect that you will take responsibility for yourself in class.



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