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My Bio

My qualifications

I am a certified Iyengar yoga Instructor at the Junior Intermendiate II level. Iyengar certification is the most rigorous teaching assessment in the world today. Click here for the details.

I have been a teacher for 10 years.  I graduated from the Advanced Studies Program at the San Francisco Iyengar Institute.  I am completely dedicated to the progression of my own practice and thus I invest heavily in on- going education. I have had the great fortune of studying directly under Gurujii and Geetajii. I travel to Pune, India for study with them every 24 months.

I love working with beginners and those with specific needs. I also enjoy working with beginning teachers, mentoring them through the assessment process.  I am certified as a restorative yoga teacher which is especially helpful for those with specific health concerns or stress related diseases. All of us experience suffering in some way, whether it is mentally, physically or both. I love working with all bodies and their needs. I have additional training to cater to students suffering from challenges related to back pain, scoliosis, injuries, menopause, and menstruation. Pregnant ladies are welcome to my classes.

My inspirations

To keep my learning current, I study exclusively with senior Iyengar Certified teachers including Manuso Manos, Dean and Rebecca Lerner, Lois Steinberg and the excellent faculty from the Iyengar Institute in San Francisco.

I have particular interest in nutrition. A lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I have battled with my weight all my life. Only when I discovered the benefits of eating more raw food did my yoga practice -- and life -- feel complete. I am a certified raw food chef / instructor and teach classes around the Bay Area. Complete information can be found here. I am happy to share my knowledge on nutrition and raw foods with students when they ask. Click here for my thoughts on why eating raw foods is a good thing.


One thing that is special about modern yoga is its focus on the laity, the householder. That applies to me for sure. I am Vice President of the Board for the San Francisco Iyengar Institute and work on several other Iyengar Association projects.  I also spend a lot of time in my garden.


I grew up watching my mom do yoga with Lilian Folan on TV. She always did yoga, and I guess I figured that I would too when I grew up. In the mean time, I was a rower, swimmer and played rugby. I worked for several years in the fitness department at Healthworks, a women's health club. It was in college when tending to my subsequent rugby injuries that I was propelled toward yoga's health benefits.

Fast forward more than a decade and I am still totally in love with yoga. I still do yoga with my mom.  That is her in many of the pictures on this website. Come to class on Sunday nights and you can meet her!

The Iyengar's interpretation of this ancient practice is totally inspiring and has changed my life.  I love introducing others to the effects of Iyengar yoga, and it is evident in my teaching. I welcome people of all abilities and interests to my class.

Click here to learn what to expect in class.


“You immediately warm to Heather’s personality, calming nature, and yoga expertise” - Tina Hadaway


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